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National "Choro" day celebrates "Carinhoso's" 100th year

The observance of the National "Choro" Day was institute in the year 2000 to celebrate the birthday of Alfredo da Rocha Viana, the artist known as Pixinguinha. Musician, arranger and composer, Pixinguinha is on the the pillars of Brazilian music and the greatest name of this musical genre. This year's Choro day will host a special celebration for the 120th years of Pixinguinha's birth and the 100th year-anniversary of one of this main pieces: Carinhoso.

Ah, se tu soubesses...

Pixinguinha contributed to Brazilian music history with more than hundred pieces; among the the most celebrated and well-known is "Carinhoso". The piece was originally composed as an instrumental tune in 1917, and in the 30s got lyrics from the composer Braguinha. It became an instant hit in 1937 in the voice of Orlando Silva, known as "the singer of the masses" for his huge radio success.

The tune was selected as on the the greatests representatives of Brazil's 20th century music. Carinhoso has stood the test of time and is still today a song that is known and sung by Brazilians of all ages, as mentioned by Paulinho da Viola in the "Meu tempo é hoje" documentary. 

"Paulinho da Viola - Meu Tempo É Hoje


pixinguinha divulgacao

Pixinguinha started his professional career as a musician in his early teens playing the flute and actively participated in the first years of Brazil's recording industry as a musician and arranger. His arrangements not only were important to transition Choro from the 19th to the 20th century, but were also important to shape carnaval music (marchinhas) and above to consolidate Samba as Brazilian rhythm (arranging records by Carmen Miranda, Francisco Alves among others). His work influenced Brazil's greatests such as Jobim, ary Barroso, Jacob do Bandolim and Paulinho da Viola.

Pixinguinha was 75 years-old when he passed away Feb.17, 1973. He was attending a baptism at a church in Rio, while a pre-carnaval party thrown by the traditional Banda de Ipanema. The group's leaders decided maintain the parade's original path, but once in front of the church stopped the festivities to pay homage to Pixinguinha with an a capella version of Carinhoso. Since then, in every Carnaval, the group repeats the performance at the same place.

Pixinguinha's work still inspires Brazilian instrumentalists. Hamilton de Holanda's "O Mundo de Pixinguinha" album is a great example of this. In the album Hamilton invites musicians from different parts of the world to do a 21st review of this Brazilian master.

Eventos Relacionados:

- "Casa do Choro", an institute dedicated to keep the memory of the genre, will hold an event this April 23rd with today's greatest musicians playing in different areas in Rio de Janeiro.

- This weekend The IMS is launching a new website with displaying their Pixinguinha collection of pictures, recordings and music scores.






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