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Valentine's in June? Not really! Dia dos Namorados (Lover's day)!

Not everybody knows, but differently from many places around the worlds that celebrates Saint Valentine's day, in Brazil, the day to celebrate love is June 12th.

Where the "Dia dos Namorados" came from? Why June 12th??

In the 40s, after the sales hike created but May's "Mother's day", Standard Propaganda ad agency frontman, João Dória got a job request from the Exposição Clipper stores to create a campaign that would help them improve their June sales, a historically weak month. His idea was to instigate a new sales holiday suggesting couples should celebrate their love exchanging gifts!

The June 12th date was chosen as it is the eve before St. Anthony's day. This saint was known for preaching the importance of marriage and love in his pilgrimages. Today, in Luso-Brazilian popular culture, St. Anthony is celebrated as the "matchmaking" saint, receiving the devotion of singles of both genders looking for their better-half!

Commercial data or not, it is always nice to enjoy your loved one's company!

Feliz dia dos namorados!







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