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The Celpe-Bras 2018.1 calendar was just announced!

The Celpe-Bras 2018.1 calendar was just announced!

If you are going to take the next edition of the Celpe-Bras proficiency exam, be ready! The exam registrations will happen between April 2nd and 13th. The written tests will take place on June 5th and the oral tests will happen between June 5th and 7th. The INEP scheduled the announcement of the final results for August 31st, 2018.

Get ready for the Celpe-Bras with ILC Brasil!

At the "Instituto de Língua e Cultura Brasileira ILC Brasil" we offer different programs to help you get to the Celpe-Bras sharp! The courses are objective and practical, and you do not waste your time in your preparation; our focus is to help you develop strategies to do your best in the exam! You will study with native, specialized teachers, who will personalize your learning experience.

Get to know more about ILC Brasil's Celpe-Bras prep courses at https://pre-celpe-bras.linguaculturabrasil.com.

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