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New York's MoMA opens Tarsila do Amaral's first large exhibit in the United States

This coming month, starting on Feb. 11th, New York will receive the largest exhibit ever organized in the United States on the work of the late Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973); a seminal Latin American Modernism representative. The exhibit will be held by the New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).


2018 World Cup will display Brazilian art outside the field

Russia's 2018 World Cup is just around the corner - from June 14th to July 15th - and will be held in 11 cities. Brazilians already know who they are going to face in the group stage (Serbia, Costa Rica and Switzerland) and will also be participating in the festivities beyond the football played on the fields: throughout the world cup there will be a special programming dedicated to Brazilian culture.


Bossa Nova Festival in France

Currently the only festival dedicated to the Brazilian genre in Europe, the "Festival Bossa-Nova" happens in the city of Thiais (in the metropolitan region of Paris) from Nov. 23rd to Dec. 12th. The nith edition of the event, organized by the Jazzonotes association, will open with a photo exhibit dedicated to the French singer, composer and guitar player Henri Salvador. The artist lived for a brief period in the city of Rio de Janeiro and would be celebrating his 100th birthday this year.


Getting to know Brazil through the movies - Rio de Janeiro's portrayal in "E aí… Comeu?"

The movie "E aí... Comeu?" can be classified as a romantic comedy, however, it tells the story of its three main characters through the male point of view, their love misadventures and their relationship with the city. The movie title comes from a rather chauvinistic expression that friends use to confirm if the one being questioned has achieve his "romantic goal".

In addition to the headlining trio and their love interests, the movie has two other important characters in supporting roles: the "bar" and the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Latin Grammy Prepares Special Honors to João Bosco

The composer and musician João Bosco will receive a lifetime achievement awards in 2017's Latin Grammy Award festivities. The ceremony will take place this next November 15th.

The artist will receive the lifetime award after having received eight grammy nominations throughout his career. The induction comes in the year he launched an album after an eight-year hiatus, the acclaimed "Mano que zuera", which succeeds the also highly praised "Não vou pro céu, mas vivo no chão".

João Bosco will not be alone in this celebration. The Latin Grammy tradition is to pay homage to artists from all over the Americas. This year's the lifetime achievement award will also be given to Lucecita Benítez from Puerto Rico, the Spanish duo Los Del Río, Venezuela's Ilan Chester, Victor Heredia from Argentina, Guadalupe Pineda from Mexico and the dominican Cuco Valoy.

The lifetime achievement celebrations will be awarded at a special closed ceremony in Las Vegas, as part of the 18th Latin Grammy Award Week.


Visual Artist Inspired by Middle-Eastern Women Opens an Exhibit in Spain

The Brazilian artist Margot Jabbour looked for inspiration in the lives of women from the middle-east to put together the exhibit "Los Colores del Refugio" (Haven's colors). The show displays 20 pieces which will be on display at the Diário de Ibiza's Cultural Center, in Spain, from November 7th to 24th.


Rogério Souza and Tiago do Bandolim's Choro and Samba US Tour

The Rogério Souza, the virtuoso guitar from "Nó em Pingo D'Água" band, will tour the US with his nephew Tiago do Bandolim, mandolin player between October 20th and November 5h.

The arranger, composer and guitarist Rogério Souza played and recorded with Brazilian greats such as Baden Powell, Turíbio Santos, Raphael Rabello and Dino 7 Cordas, Leila Pinheiro, Paulinho da Viola, and Ivan Lins.

Tiago Souza, who, in a typical Brazilian popular music tradition carries his instrument as a surname, is known as Tiago do Bandolim. He "grew up" musically in the post-Lapa rebirth generation of musicians and is a member of the Semente Choro-jazz group headed by Zé Paulo Becker. In 2017 he launched this debut solo album "De Solsaio", a collection of contemporary and traditional Choros.

Check out the duo's schedule in the US:

Confirmed dates:
Yale University (New Haven) - Oct. 25th.
Georgetown University (Washington) - Oct. 27th.

Check the artists'' facebook pages for additional dates at:
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (Texas)
New York


Italians Hosts Great Brazilian Movie Titles at the 2nd Bari Brasil Film Fest

The cities of Bari and Matera will host the second Bari Brasil Film Fest (BBFF), promoted by the Abaporu Cultural Association. The Brazilian movies show will be held from Oct. 7th to 12th in Bari, and from Oct. 14th and 15th at the city of Matera, the 2019 European Culture Capital.


A Hignlight During Apple's New Launch, the Band Sofi Tukker gets some Inspiration in Brazilian Music

As it happens every year, many people around the world were anxiously expecting the launch of the new iPhone that happened this week. The new phone was introduced by an ad that featured a voice that called the attention of many who were not familiar with it: the german singer's Sophie Hawley-Weld.


Brazilian Tattoo artist becomes an internet hit with her "ugly" tattoos

Helen Fernandes, a tattoo artist from Brazil became an internet overnight success. Her Instagram profile, displaying her portfolio of authentic and snarky tattoos, is called "Malfeitona" ("really badly made" in a loose translation). It is there where she displays a work that is called by some "unconventional".


New York's Brasil Summer Fest 2017! Starts Tomorrow!

The largest Brazilian music event in the city of New York starts this August 5th. The festival will hold various movies and concerts throughout its 8 days. The festival opening will happen in New York's Central Park, the Brazilian music icon Elza Soares will play the tunes from her latest album "A Mulher do Fim do Mundo"; the concert will feature the band Liniker e os Caramelows.

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