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Brazilian Culture - Results from #14

Brazilian Culture

A Hignlight During Apple's New Launch, the Band Sofi Tukker gets some Inspiration in Brazilian Music

As it happens every year, many people around the world were anxiously expecting the launch of the new iPhone that happened this week. The new phone was introduced by an ad that featured a voice that called the attention of many who were not familiar with it: the german singer's Sophie Hawley-Weld.


Brazilian Tattoo artist becomes an internet hit with her "ugly" tattoos

Helen Fernandes, a tattoo artist from Brazil became an internet overnight success. Her Instagram profile, displaying her portfolio of authentic and snarky tattoos, is called "Malfeitona" ("really badly made" in a loose translation). It is there where she displays a work that is called by some "unconventional".


New York's Brasil Summer Fest 2017! Starts Tomorrow!

The largest Brazilian music event in the city of New York starts this August 5th. The festival will hold various movies and concerts throughout its 8 days. The festival opening will happen in New York's Central Park, the Brazilian music icon Elza Soares will play the tunes from her latest album "A Mulher do Fim do Mundo"; the concert will feature the band Liniker e os Caramelows.


Discover Salvador through the lenses of 'Ó Pai, Ó" ("Look at this")

The movie "Ó Pai, Ó" is staged in an old tenement located in the historic district of Pelourinho. This once neglected area is currently a landmark in the city of Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia.

Salvador, the first capital of Brazil, is the cradle of a rich culture and today is a strong reference for its music, gastronomy and architecture. Salvador's African heritage is certainly the main drive for its cultural prominence, and the city prides itself as the afro-brazilian cultural capital.


Not even the British “The Guardian” could resist the “Pão de Queijo”!

This past weekend, the british newspaper The Guardian published an article touting the deliciousness of Brazil's own "Pão de Queijo"(cheese bread).

Matéria no The Guardian: Pão de Queijo is the History of Brazil in a Moreish Cheese Snack

Brazilians will enjoy this treat in social gatherings; and, you might be offered some "Pão de Queijo" in kids' parties at school, to snacks at a friend's house, to your family gathering on a Wednesday evening. Some say it is the perfect companion for your afternoon coffee! The truth is that you will have a hard time resisting its smell. But how did this centuries old recipe came to be?


"ImagineRio" - North American University Launches a Rio de Janeiro Interactive Map

Rice University, the north american school located in the state of Texas, launched an interactive map which illustrates Rio de Janeiro's urban development, from the 16th century to our days. The "ImagineRio" platform puts together photos and illustrations made throughout history, giving the viewer a glimpse of the city that inspired artists and map makers.


Paris Hold its 19th Brazilian Film Festival this June

The 19th edition of Paris' Brazilian Film Festival will happen from June 20th to June 27th at the Arlequin theater. This year the festival celebrates Tropicalismo's 50th anniversary.

The movie "Elis" will open the festival. Directed by Hugo Prata, the movie portrays the life and work of Elis Regina, one of the quintessential Brazilian singers.


Madrid's 76th Book Fair celebrates the culture of Portugal

Portugal will be the protagonist in 2017's Madrid book fair. This year, the festival will be held between May 26th and June 11th. At the book fair, visitors will get be in touch not only with the current literary production but also with literary performances, movies, music and photography; under the theme "Caminos de la literatura" (The ways of literature).


The Farewell to Antonio Candido, Brazil's Greatest Literary Critic in The 20th Century

Last Friday, May 12th, Brazil lost Antonio Candido, one of the country's greatest intellectuals of the 20th century. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Antonio Candido de Mello e Souza was a sociologist, writer, and University professor. A literature academic, Mr. Candido started his career in the early 40s as a literary critic writing reviews about writers such as Clarice Lispector, João Cabral de Melo Neto, and some "upcoming" names such as Murilo Mendes and Carlos Drummond de Andrade.


The 57th Venice Biennale hosts five Brazilian names

Curated by Christine Macel, the 17' Venice Biennale will be held between May 13th and Nov. 26th, with the theme "Viva Arte Viva". The exhibit will display work from 85 artists and this year will differ from its usual theme oriented exhibit to focus on each artist's work. It is "a Biennale designed with the artists, by the artist, and for the artists."


Discover the Northeastern dryland "Sertão", through "Behind The Sun"

Discover the Northeastern dryland "Sertão", through "Behind The Sun"

The movie depicts the life, the scenery, and the way of line in the Brazilian "Sertão" in the beginning to the 20th century. The Sertão nordestino Brazil's Northeast drylands, is a climate sub-region that extends through the countryside of the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe.

The essence of the region is captured by the movies beautiful photography, through which the viewer will get to enjoy the region's natural beauty.


National "Choro" day celebrates "Carinhoso's" 100th year

The observance of the National "Choro" Day was institute in the year 2000 to celebrate the birthday of Alfredo da Rocha Viana, the artist known as Pixinguinha. Musician, arranger and composer, Pixinguinha is on the the pillars of Brazilian music and the greatest name of this musical genre. This year's Choro day will host a special celebration for the 120th years of Pixinguinha's birth and the 100th year-anniversary of one of this main pieces: Carinhoso.

Ah, se tu soubesses...

Pixinguinha contributed to Brazilian music history with more than hundred pieces; among the the most celebrated and well-known is "Carinhoso". The piece was originally composed as an instrumental tune in 1917, and in the 30s got lyrics from the composer Braguinha. It became an instant hit in 1937 in the voice of Orlando Silva, known as "the singer of the masses" for his huge radio success.

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