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Lygia Pape exhibit opens in New York's Met Breuer

The Met Breuer, the Metropolitan Museum space dedicated to Contemporary Art, opened this March 20th the exhibit “Lygia Pape - A Multitude of Forms”, a retrospective of the artist's work. This is the solo exhibit of an Latin American artist at the Met Breuer and it portraits Lygia Pape's body of the work in sculpture, prints, and painting to installation, photography, performance, and film. The gallery will hold "A Multitude of Forms" until July 23rd.

Pape (1927-2004) is one of the key figures in Brazilian Modern Art. In 1957, as part of the "Grupo Frente" she signed the "Manifesto Neoconcreto"; and, in 1959, together with Helio Oiticica and Lygia Clark, she started the Neoconcretism movement. The movement focused on geometric abstraction and experimentation, making the statement that art is not a mere object.

In the work that spanned five decades, Pape sought to approximate artistic objects to real life, uniting geometric abstractions to body, time and space. Works such as "Roda dos Prazeres" (1967), "Divisor" (1968) and "Banquete Tupinambá" (2000) are considered highlights of the artist's career.

Learn more:

Met Breuer Website - Lygia Pape - “A Multitude of Forms”

Lygia Pape - Enciclopédia Itaú Cultural


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British photographer depicts Brazilian diversity - "Somos Brasil" Project

After travelling 22,000 kilometers photographing, interviewing, and getting DNA samples of 104 Brazilian nationals, Marcus Lyon launched "Somos Brasil" in 2016. The project intended to depict the genetic diversity that is carried by Brazilians.

The project's concept came to Lyon through his experiences in different parts of the world; as he observed how individuals relied on their "homeland" to be an important part of their personal identity. As he points out, in the United States, for instance, it is very common for groups to identify themselves through their national or geographical origins, such as italian-americans (location) african-americans (skin color). On the other hand, in Brazil, the vast majority of the population defines themselves simply as "Brazilians". Lyon was intrigued by the way in which Brazilians have no issues in holding on to their national identities.

At first, the project was thought through as a series of interviews and portraits. As "Somos Brasil" evolved, and Lyon collected his subjects personal accounts, he decided to collect DNA samples from each interviewee. The investigation confirmed that Brazilians carry in their genes traces of ethnicities from all over the world; portraying the true melting pot the country holds.

The project final outcome was the publishing of both a book and an app. Both can be used together to uncover more photos, images, interviews, and the beautiful research done by the artist.

Marcus Lyon is married to a Brazilian wife and their two children were born in the United Kingdom. How do they see their national identity? "Brazinglish", they say. The photographer states that this work is "a love letter" to Brazil, and in the project's acknowledgements, he states that while looking for understanding the people of Brazil, he could understand himself a little better. In the beginning of 2017, part of the "Somos Brazil" was acquired by the Smithsonian Institute to be part of their permanent collection.

Additional information:

- The artist's website.
- The app is available for Android & IOS .
- Marcus Lyon Tedx Talk - “Is your identity given or created?”
- Unravelling Brazil´s Diverse DNA - The Guardian


Portela Samba School is Crowned the Champion of 2017’s Carnaval!

The traditional Portela took another trophy back to their community this year. Their 3,400 components paraded the theme “Foi um rio que passou em minha vida, e que meu coração se deixou levar” (“It was a river that ran through my life, and my heart let itself be taken away”), created by the “Carnavalesco” Paulo Barros as a poetic dive in the planet’s fresh waters, singing the cultural and mythical stories of rivers such as Brazil’s São Francisco river and the Nile. The victory was enthusiastically celebrated by the samba community as the Samba School had not earned the top spot in the competition for 33 years.

Founded in 1923 as a small “Bloco Carnavalesco” in the neighborhood of Oswaldo Cruz, Portela carries the blue and white flag and has a white eagle as its symbol. In its history you will find great names of Brazilian Music such as Paulinho da Viola, Monarco e a Velha Guarda da Portela, Clara Nunes and Zé Ketti.

More information

Check out Portela’s parade highlights at:

"O Mistério do Samba" - a documentary

Portela Official Website  


Samba Composers linked to Portela: Aniceto da Portela, Mijinha, Manacéa, Argemiro, Alberto Lonato, Chico Santana, Casquinha, Alcides Dias Lopes, Alvaiade, Colombo, Candeia, Candeia, Waldir 59, Wilson Moreira, Noca da Portela, and others.


Oscar Niemeyer Exhibit in Tokyo

The Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits, until October 12th, “Oscar Niemeyer, the man who built Brasília”. The exhibit was curated by Yuko Hasegava, with design and production by architects Kasuo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, from the prize winning SANAA studio. It has been visited by more than 21 thousand people in its first month and it displays mock-ups, photos, sketches, and videos portraying the work of this great master of architecture.

Among giant mock-ups of some of his famous works, like the Brasília Cathedral and the “Canoas” house, the visitors have the opportunity to see the evolution of Niemeyer’s work and even a video in which he introduces Brasilia to Emperor Hirohito.

Where: Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art
When: From July 18th to October 12th
More info:


Brazilian Tattoo Artist Helps Erase the Scars Left by Violence on Women

For the last two years, the Tattoo Artist Flávia Carvalho has been helping to erase the marks left behind by domestic violence. The Brazilian artist has been using tattoo art to transform the marks left behind by knives, bullet shots and cirurgic interventions. She named it Project "Flor da Pele" and it is targeted towards poor women; as she offers her work for free to them.

Flavia strives to make the scars 'disappear' under the tattoo, as to help her clients to cope with the pain left behind by the violence they have suffered. It all started when she was approached by a woman who wanted to disguise a long scar she had in the abdomen. The lady told her a man hit on her at a nightclub and after she turned him down, he stroke her with a knife.

The artist says the cathartic result her art had on this lady made her take the decision to offer her services to other women who faced hard experiences like this one.

flavia carvalho tatuagem


New Kobra mural depicts Bob Dylan in Minneapolis

Last August 26th, Kobra took his first steps to deliver his largest work overseas. The artist is painting a 50x20m mural that celebrates Minneapolis' native Bob Dylan. The mural was painted in on the side of an art deco building in the city's downtown. Kobra was joined by the artists Agnaldo Brito, Silvio Cesar and Marcos Rafael, members of the Kobra Studio, and also counted with the help of local assistants.

"In the mural, we present Dylan in three different stages of his career, and we got the inspiration from one of greatest songs - 'The times are a-changin'. This will be a permanent mural and it has mor the 1000m2." says Kobra.


Brazil in Dialogue - Art Seminar - Berlin

Freie Universität’s Institute of Art History is holding the "Brazil in Dialogue" conference on May 21st and 22nd. The seminar will hold discussion panels, the presentation of the research papers and the presentation of documentaries about contemporary Brazilian art. 
One of the highlights of the seminar is the showing of the film "Helio Oiticica" (2013) followed by a discussion panel.

Humanae - Angelica Dass

The artist Angélica Dass has pieces of her project Humanae in 4 simultaneous exhibits being held in Milan, Boston, Gambier,OH, and Valparaiso, Chile. The "under development" project, as classified by the artist is a selectio of more than 2,500 portraits of volunteers from all over the world; each matched to the Pantone color that closely resembles his or her skin color. 
After being in Madrid, Bergen, Rio de Janeiro and Adis Ababa; the work entices the visitor to admire the "chromatic diversity" of the human race, as it crosses the boundaries of preconceived notions of color and race. 
What: Humanae, Angélica Dass
Where and When:
Centex, Valparaiso, Chile, até 10 de junho 2015
Museo Della Scienza e Della Tecnologia LEONARDO DA VINCI, Milão, Itália , até 23 de agosto 2015
Parte da exibição: Color II, Identity and Society, Gund Gallery, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, EUA, até 12 de junho
Flash Forward Festival, Boston, EUA, até 31 de maio.

Vic Muniz at the Venice Biennale

Last week, the artist Vic Muniz unveiled his piece “Lampedusa”, which will be part of 2015’s Venice Bienalle. The work, a 45 feet, floating “paper boat” remits to the current european immigration problem and the, in many instances, tragic mediterranean crossings.
Through the use of unexpected materials and scale manipulation, Vic Muniz entices the viewer with his social criticism, bringing a different reality to the Venetian waters, with its gondolas and vaporettos. 
More at
Biennale de Venezia: 

Ligia Amadio conducts the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra

The brazilian conductor Ligia Amadio will lead the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra this next May 15h, in Beirut. For her second collaboration with the orchestra, the first one in 2012, Ligia Amadio has chosen pieces by Heitor Villa-Lobos (Bachianas No. 7) and Johannes Brahms (Symphony No. 3 in F major op.90). 
The Lebanese audience will have the opportunity to hear once more, one of the most important name in Brazil's classical music scene; a conductor know for her charisma and expressivity that has led orchestras from all over the world. 
what: Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra with Ligia Amadio
when: May 15th, 2015, 20:30
where: St. Joseph Jesuit Church, Beirut Lebanon
More info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Street-artist Cranio reaches London

The street-artist Cranio spent the last few weeks displaying his art around London. Born in São Paulo, and known for this trademark “blue indians”, Cranio ends his 2015 European tour in the British capital after displaying his work in Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdan. Check out some of his current London murals at
About Cranio: 

Brazilian Arts Exhibit in Edingburgh

The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh shows until May 25th the exhibit "Possibilities of the Object: Experiments in Modern and Contemporary Brazilian Art". 

The exhibit puts together a series of works produced in the 50s and 60s, when Brazilian artists were looking to transform what could have been the art object. Those were years of intense experimentation and of great importance to the history of art. The effect of that time can still be seen in today's Brazilian art.

Including object by some of the most renowned Brazilian artists (such as Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Clark, Cildo Meireles, Ernesto Neto), curator Paulo Venancio Filho has brought together objects from studios; talking directly to surviving artists from the period, to artists' heirs and estates, and to more contemporary artists still working in this experimental tradition today. 

Visit for more information.


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Gilberto Gil - North American Tour 2015

The revolutionary Brazilian artist Gilberto Gil takes to the United States and Canada the show "Gilbertos Samba", inspired on his last album of the same name that pays homage to another Brazilian master -- João Gilberto.

Gil has been an artist of great impact in Brazilian music since the 60's when, together with Caetano Veloso, lead the Tropicalismo movement, which in its musical arm mashed the pop world sounds of the 60's to Brazilian traditional rhythms. Gilberto Gil has kept his creative stream flowing and throughout the decades composed, played and mixed different creating his global brand of Brazilian music. 

Do not miss the opportunity to see Gil at the following theaters: 

April Country Cidades (Estado) Local Programação
01 USA Champaign (IL) Foellinger Great Hall, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts - University of Illinois Workshop: Música e Cultura Brasileira
03 USA Ann Arbor (MI) UMMA Auditorium, University Musical Society  Interview: Gilberto Gil

04 USA Ann Arbor (MI) Hill Auditorium Show solo
07 Canada Toronto Koerner Hall Show Gilbertos Samba
08 Canada Montreal Maisonneuve Theatre Show Gilbertos Samba
11 USA Seattle (WA) Meany Hall Show Gilbertos Samba
12 Canada Vancouver (BC) Chan Centre: Show Gilbertos Samba
15 USA Santa Cruz (CA) Rio Theatre Show Gilbertos Samba
16 USA San Francisco (CA) Davies Symphony Hall Show Gilbertos Samba
18 USA Los Angeles (CA) Royce Hall Show Gilbertos Samba
20 USA Burlington (VT) Flynn Theatre Show Gilbertos Samba
23 USA New York (NY) Town Hall Show Gilbertos Samba
24 USA Washington (DC) Lisner Auditorium Show Gilbertos Samba
26 USA Miami (FL) Knight Concert Hall Show Gilbertos Samba

 More about Gilberto Gil at the site

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